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Francis and Hannah Moore Wedding photo - 16 Aug 1870

Francis and Hannah Moore Wedding photo - 16 Aug 1870

This photo was taken at their wedding on 16th August 1870. Cynthia Clare sent this photo to a fashion expert at a university in Liverpool in order to date it from the clothes, and therefore identify the couple. When we find the information we will add it. More recent research bears out this date:

It was the fashion then to take full length shots, moving in closer later in the century. The studio backdrop is typical 1860s, being quite plain, with architectural features such as the arch, and to have a drape in the picture, sometimes hiding a support. To the left of Francis' legs you can see where the backdrop has been pinned on badly - they were changed according to what the customer wanted. The people would both be supported by wooden stands to keep them still for up to 20 seconds depending on the light available, and the white spot behind Francis' feet shows up on the bigger picture as being the polished base of such a support. Hannah is holding a purse and gloves to keep her hands still, and her left hand is deliberately visible on a wedding photo to show off the ring (which we can not spot). They are both looking pensive and reflective deliberately as was the fashion - smiles are difficult to hold for that long. Her seated position and his crossed legs and relaxed pose are typical.

Hannah's hairstyle and dress are quite up to the minute. She has a full skirt which probably has a bustle behind - the crinoline has gone. Her blouse has epaulette decoration on the shoulders, and the neck is high. The sleeves are full all the way down. Her hair is parted in the centre - no fringe - and elaborately curled. She has slides or a headband in it. Her ears are showing.

Francis' clothing is more 1860s fashion, especially the wide lapels and medium length of his jacket. His shirt has a stand-up collar. His pale waistcoat, which has a level hem rather than pointed, does not match his jacket or trousers - that came much later. His jacket and trousers are two different colours, which is correct, but it was more usual to have the jacket darker. The sleeves and trouser legs of this time are quite full.

In summary therefore, although Hannah is dressed very fashionably, both Francis' clothing and the studio setting are from a few years before. All these features mentioned contrast with those of the decades before and after.

Owner/SourceBarry Clare
Date16 Aug 1870
Linked toFamily: MOORE/MUXWORTHY (F60) (Married); Francis MOORE
Albums1870, (F60) MOORE, Francis and Hannah

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